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Software Solutions

Document Management Software

Spend less time hunting things down & more time getting things done. Organise your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.

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Risk Management Software

Risk Management enables you to manage both existing and potential hazards and risks, integrating risk management into organisational processes.

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Incident Management Software

Incident Management enables you to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, injuries, illnesses, property damage.

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Training Management Software

Training Management allows you drive effective training, enabling you to schedule, monitor and report on training from start to finish.

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System Solutions

A3 Problem Solving System

A3 Problem Solving is designed to get root cause analysis, through this method we can get out our required performance using many other tools including fish bone and 5 whys.

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OHSAS 18001 System

SMT has designed and developed safety management systems relevant to each organisations requirement to meet the present OHSAS 18001 standard. Keeping in mind the main elements of a safety management system which is Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA).

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Auditing System

What do we audit and when do we audit, SMT Auditing System will help you put an audit schedule in place and a tool to manage this system. Auditing is very important element of you continual improvement.

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Quality 9001 System

SMT can provide your organisation with a quality system which enhances your organisation and ensure efficiencies. We can develop policies and procedures which will give your organisation a clear set of instruction how to carry out your everyday tasks efficiently and effectively.

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Software Solutions 

SMT provides systems and software solutions to our customers to meet their regulatory requirements. Our solutions are delivered by consultation and analysis of the customer’s requirements, SMT solutions are the tools we provide to ensure your compliance, analysis and measurement. All SMT systems and software applications meet all the current health & safety legislation, standards and quality.

What are the benefits?

  • Quality assurance.

  • Accessible reports.

  • Records are easily managed.

  • KPI analysis.

  • Ensuring compliance.

  • Centralised data.

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